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TIPS TO GET YOU UP TO SPEED:     Updated (6/12/2024)

What is it? How can it help?
In previous versions of Tech Tips we've talked about how a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can allow you to access your business information (files, e-mail, etc.) from home. Now lets talk about VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VOIP can allow you to decrease telephone costs, for instance if your main location is in OHIO and you have branch offices in other states, currently you may be calling theses offices (expensive) or you may be leasing a permanent connection in order to facilitate these calls. With VOIP we can connect these office phone systems directly to the main office through the internet.

What does this mean to you? Firstly, you can call your other branches by dialing an extension (i.e., extension 230 might be you and 249 might be a desk in LA). Your PBX will work in exactly the same manner with no user training or extended dialing procedures. Of course all the calls over VOIP are in essence FREE, of course if you calculate the cost of a permanent connection to the Internet they do actually have a marginal cost but the per minute fees are gone.

Another capability that can be offered to save even more money is referred to as a TOLL BRIDGE. What this means is say again that you are in the corporate office in OHIO and you want to call a client in LA, your call is routed through the VOIP system to the LA office at which point it is routed to a land line in LA and then to your customer. Your customer doesn't know the difference, and you won't either. The ROI is established because that call is billed as a local LA call (eliminating the long-distance charges).

Even if you don't have branch offices if you have significant toll charges VOIP might be for you.

To talk more about VOIP and how it can enhance your overall profitability, please contact a Firehouse Networks Consultant.

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